Of Jura heritance

There is a thousand way of exploring an area The natural sites, the cultural places, the gastronomy and the traditions are part of those many ways to discover it. Jura and its landscapes taken straight from a novel of Jack London or Nicolas Vernier, is a touristic destination which localize many of those gold nugget. Staying at the Résidence des Thermes in Lons-le-Saunier will allow you to easily visit each one of them since the city is located at the crossroad of these territory.

City and typical villages


45 Km away from the Résidence des Thermes

Arbois, situated in the heart of the Jura vineyard is a staple in a Jura stay An old-fashioned charm city, because of the pretty vineyard residence, the town houses and the Cuisance, a nice little river winding between the alley.



  • + The House of Louis Pasteur
  • + Wine and Vineyard Museum
  • + The Tufs Waterfall
  • + The Hirsinger Bakery
  • +The Saint-Just Church
  • +The Horseshoe Lookout


16 Km away from the Résidence des Thermes

This village is the birthplace of the famous Vin Jaune (Yellow Wine)

Château-Chalon is looking after its vineyard from the top of the cliff, dominating the valley of Seille and the Bresse plain.



  • + L’École d’Autrefois, l’ancienne école du village qui a gardé son ambiance et son mobilier d’époque, ainsi que la Maison de la Haute-Seille où vous pourrez faire une dégustation de Vin Jaune.


20 Km away from the Résidence des Thermes

A cirque, four lookout, an imperial abbey, a waterfall, a cave… A Prevert inventory ? Not at all ! Those are all the treasure of the village of Baume-les-Messieurs. The Jura village is nested in the center of 3 typical valley of the Jura mountains. Wild, spectacular, the place is almost intimidating as it look likes the nature will always be the master of this place. The rustic houses, with the strong brown roof tiles that look alike with the ones of the abbey, were built during XV th and XVI th century.



  • +The cave of Baume-les-Messieurs
  • +The Abbey of Baume-les-Messieurs
  • +The lookout of the Roches (Belvédère des Roches) to reach for the sky and have a glance at the beauty of those massive limestone cliffs.


61 Km away from the Résidence des Thermes

Dole, city of Art and History, was the capital of Franche-Comté until 1678. The Jura city have an important cultural legacy, beautiful buildings and town houses. To discover them all, we advise you to follow the Chat Perché itinerary, wink to Marcel Aymé, who spent his childhood in Dole. Take the Sideroad crossing, go along with the canal of the Tanneurs and take a leap in the native house of Louis Pasteur. Don’t forget to stroll along the Rhin-Rhône canal. A pretty wooded canal towpath where you can cross the road of boaters and assist to the famous locks passing.



  • + The Collégiale of Dole
  • +L’Hôtel-Dieu (Renaissance style)
  • +The gourmet week-end of the Chat Perché (end of september)

Natural Sites

The Herisson Waterfall

25 Km away from the Résidence des Thermes

Located in the heart of the Lake area, the Hérisson take its source at the Girard jump and starts a course of 3.7 km of jumps and waterfall.

You can access to the waterfall by 3 different roads : Doucier, Bonlieu and the Hameau de la Fromagerie.

To know more, visit the House of the waterfall, tracing their history and their legends (accessible to persons with disabilities and with reduced mobility)


29 Km away from the Résidence des Thermes

The Chalain Lake is the biggest natural lake of Jura (232 hectares) With its 3 monitored sand beaches (Doucier – La Pergola and the Domain of Chalain), its sports facility (sailing, canoë, fishing), the Chalain Lake is a very complete leisure park. You can go around the lake by foot or by bike on the arranged way. The remains of a riparian village (amazingly preserved in the water) were found on one of the shores of the Chalain Lake at the beginning of the XXth century. This archaeological treasure isn’t open to the public anymore, but you can go to the exhibit located in the festival hall of Clairvaux-les-Lacs (open during the summer).


29 Km away from the Résidence des Thermes

With its 35km long and its emerald green color, the Vouglans Lake is one perfect playground for nature activities. Its 3 marina, its 3 sand beaches (Bellecin, Mercantine and Surchauffant) will undoubtedly will make the vacacioners joy. The lovers of aquatic sports will also find their happiness (swimming, fishing, pedal boat, kayak, canoë, stand up paddle…) You can also have a walk or take your bike since the shores of the lake offers 82km of path.



  • + The impressive Vouglan’s dam, for an overall height of 130m started operating in 1968.
  • + The Regardoir Restaurant : Located on the cliff above the Vouglan’s Lake, the Regardoir offers an impressive view on the Vouglans Lake.

The Pic de l’aigle and the lookout of the 4 lakes.

38 Km away from the Résidence des Thermes

An unavoidable hike offering an impressive view on Illay, Narlay, the Petit Maclu and the Grand Maclu’s lake.


The road of salt

53/56 Km away from the Résidence des Thermes

The Grande Saline of Salins-les-Bains, classified historic monument, is registered since 2009 on the UNESCO World Heritage list as well as the Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans. Unique site in Europe, its tells an industrial, economic, politic and human story. Classified at the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1982, the Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans, XVIIIth century factory, was created by Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (1736-1806), famous architect of the age of the enlightenment. He built one of the most famous European Salines to house his employees and extract the salt from the underground sources

Jura’s wines

Unique and plural, 2 strong words to describe the Jura wines. This area is the most exciting and vibrant wine growing estate of France.

The label “Vignobles & Découvertes” is the landmark that will help you to organize your stay and orientate to the good addresses of the Jura wine growing estate : wine cellar, restaurants, remarkable legacy sites etc. Don’t hesitate to push the wine cellar doors of the Jura wine growing estate to have a chat about how they work.

The House of Comté à Poligny

31 Km away from the Résidence des Thermes

The House of Comté welcomes you on 170m² area dedicated to Comté cheese, which gave the region its reputation. All the tours are guided and include a tasting : films, animated model, tasting, all of this provide a playful and informative discovery for young and adults.

The Juraflor Comté cellar

66 Km away from the Résidence des Thermes

Impossible to visit the Jura department without going to Les Rousses’s Fort and visit the Comté refining cellar. In Les Rousses’s Fort, you will be able to visit the Charles Arnaud cellar 214m long is a unique place to see in Europe. Don’t forget to book your visit and to bring some warm clothes ! The ancient military fort have impressively thick walls, up to 14m which brings coolness to the fort. The temperature is all the time around 8°C inside.

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